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Accessibility policy applied by the Province of Pontevedra is aligned with the guidelines of the Royal Decree 1494/2007 of 12 November, approving the regulations is on the basic conditions for the access of persons with disabilities to technology, products and services related to information society and media services.

To ensure compliance with this regulation agencies in the province of Pontevedra complies with the recommendations of the working group Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) www.w3.org/WAI/, part of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) www.w3.org.

More specifically, the goal of Turismo Rias Baixas meets the first two levels of adaptation (AA) in order to ensure a sufficient degree of accessibility to their content:

  • The pages specify the text size relatively, ie browsers allow increase or decrease the text size according to user preferences and display without creating problems. You can control the text size in your browser as follows:

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer: through the "View" > "Text Size" menu.

    • Netscape and Firefox: through the menu "View" > "Text Size 'or using the key combination Ctrl" + "or Ctrl" - ", as you want to increase or decrease the text size, respectively. Pressing Ctrl = restores the text to normal size.

    • Opera 7 and above: through the menu "View" > "Scale" or using the +, - and *, as you want to increase, decrease or reset the text size.

    • Google Chrome 20 and above: through "View" > "Zoom" or using the key combination Ctrl "+" or Ctrl "-", as you want to increase or decrease the text size, respectively. Pressing Ctrl = restores the text to normal size.

  • The data tables contain headings row and column. In addition, tables are removed whose sole purpose is to facilitate the layout. Following the recommendations of accessibility, this layout is achieved by block elements and cascading style sheets (CSS).

  • All documents should be readable without these style sheets or those that a user may use, according to their own needs.

  • Decorative images are completely dispensable for content understanding. Otherwise, there is provided a text equivalent for every non-text element (eg, using the labels of the attributes "alt", "longdesc" or "title").

Language changes with the corresponding label are identified to facilitate the task to navigate with text readers.


Last review of the accessibility of the site 01/24/2019